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A Powerful Illustration of the Gospel

Headhearthand.org I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a powerful illustration of the Gospel as this video. Want to understand your adoption by your heavenly father better? Watch what Detective Mook does and worship your heavenly father? A challenging adoption: “We end tonight with a detective who took on one of the most challenging cases […]

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Look Back at Adoption

Sparrow-Fund: What has gotten me so excited once again about adoption? It has been 14 years since we brought our first two children home, so you might think that the deep satisfaction and excitement might have worn into an every-day kind of thing. But there come these special moments when I feel the Holy Spirit […]

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10 Questions Adoptive Parents Ask

Lifesong for Orphans: In the midst of the adoption process, you have applications to fill out, fingerprints to submit, case workers to call, plane tickets to schedule and lots of waiting. Then, you’re home. Now what? Maybe as an adoptive parent you feel alone after the strong camaraderie you felt from your church, friends, adoption […]

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